At Thermaldyne, We’re Setting a Higher Standard of Sustainability

Thermaldyne is a game changer of innovative sustainability in the oil refining industry. We’re proud to be fully permitted at all levels to accept recyclable oil bearing materials in a compliant, clean and efficient manner.


What Thermaldyne’s facility is capable of is unlike anything else in the region; reclaiming oil and catalyst more efficiently and effectively than any other methodology, treating solid materials with zero incineration, and recycling these materials in innovative and sustainable ways.

  • Thermaldyne today boasts the highest throughput capacity in the Gulf and the largest capacity to receive both liquids and solids in the region
  • All material is processed in a closed loop system which significantly reduces negative ecological impact
  • Thermaldyne recovers natural resources that were historically disposed of and turns them into renewable energy, such as reintegrating catalyst waste materials as a raw material for the rechargeable batteries of wind turbines
  • Supports oil and gas industry efforts to to provide sustainable, ongoing uses for materials from oil refining
  • More transparent materials management partnerships
  • Reduced transportation and equipment rental costs
  • Enhanced supply chain efficiency and management
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