Thermaldyne’s Reclamation Process

Once Thermaldyne begins managing the material, it uses dewatering and indirect thermal desorption processes to separate oil bearing material into treated water, clean oil and solids.


The Thermaldyne plant is located on a 28-acre site which includes a 36,000 square ft custom designed material handling building, our liquid, and solids processing units, and finished product storage


Our goal is total transparency from the day your materials arrive at our plant until the moment the material is recycled and shipped for reuse.



Safely treated and utilized in the process



Recycled and sold for sustainable use



Recycle 100% of reusable assets

About the Plant

Thermaldyne’s reclamation plant design separates oil bearing material into treated water, reclaimable assets and solids. It benefits oil refineries nationwide. The company is located in Port Allen, LA with plans to expand in the Southeast and nationwide.

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Industries Served

Oil Refineries
Oil Refineries
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