Operator 1

LOCATION: Baton Rouge 

LAST REVISED: January 2018

FLSA: Non-Exempt

Primary Purpose:

Ensures feed material moves through the process by receiving and shipping products and materials at the Baton Rouge plant.


Specific Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Place hazardous materials or waste into appropriate containers
  • Properly manage hazardous waste while inside container storage area or otherwise under company responsibility or control
  • Prepare for shipment and load hazardous waste
  • Cleans and maintains warehouse and equipment
  • Comply with all company policies, rules and guidelines

  • The only time a door should be open to the building is either when a truck is offloading product, or a piece of equipment is being transferred across the building. The Material Handler is responsible for the closure and monitoring of the doors. Notify Supervisor if problem persist with personnel leaving the doors open.
  • Prior to each shift, equipment checklist should be completed prior to use. Remove any trash remaining in or on any piece of equipment. Maintenance should ensure the equipment has proper oil/hydraulic changes, as necessary. Any equipment problems should be reported to Supervisor immediately.
  • Any PPE used in the building need to remain in the building or in changing station located on the South side of the building. At no time should PPE make its way to the Break Room. The PPE list not allowed in the Break Room area are Tyvek, Dirty Boots, Dirty Respirators. All other PPE should be stored in individual locker. At no time should any PPE be taken into the break room.
Tool Storage
  • All tools used in the MHB should be stored in designated areas. These areas include 55-gallon drums, so the contaminated tools do not track debris throughout the building. Any other tools used for work inside the MHB need to be completely deconned prior to removing from the MHB.
  • The floor should remain free of any contaminates from offloading roll off, vac boxes, flo bins, 55-gallon drums or the trucks entering the building. Any contamination should be cleaned immediately upon recognition.
90 Day Drum Area
  • 90-day drum area needs to remain clean, organized and labeled. All drums in this area must have the proper labeling as to the contents of the drum. Any non-labeled drum will be a violation. Any questions regarding drum labeling are direct to Compliance Manager
Sump Area
  • Tools for sump area are stored in proper container, which should be a 55-gallon drum. All equipment in the area are clean, free of any debris from dumping boxes. This area should be inspected daily.
Shaker Tank
  • When the shaker tank is in use by the Material Handler, they are responsible for the Housekeeping. This includes the area around the tank, pumps, control panels, and tank itself. There should not be any product in any of these areas.
  • Shift change checklist completed before the beginning of every shift. Unit should be clean both on the interior and exterior.
Feed Hopper
  • The feed hopper is used for sending material from the bay to the TDU. Product should not be on the walkway or floor behind the hopper. At the end of every shift the walkway, stairs and floor behind the hopper should be inspected and cleaned if necessary.
Bay Maintenance
  • All bays should not have product on the outside of them. Any product that falls on the outside of the bay should be cleaned immediately. This is not only picking up the dropped material but making sure the floor is free of oil once the product is removed.
  • Any vehicle leaving the MHB should be inspected and cleaned prior to exiting. This includes but is not limited to the tires, under carriage and frame.

Decision-Making Authority:

Stop Work Authority in any situation outside operating parameters.

Supervisory Responsibility



Specialized Knowledge/Skills:

    • Ability to operate an industrial powered lift truck or forklift according to company procedures and governmental regulations
    • Ability to use and maintain respiratory protection equipment
    • Ability to learn proper methods for handling hazardous materials and wastes, with training



  • The ability to read, write, count, understand and speak English


Physical Demands/Environmental Conditions:

  • The physical ability to lift and carry at least 50 lb. net bags for short distances
  • The physical ability to tilt back or break 800 lb. net drums onto a dolly
  • The physical ability to stand and walk for long periods of time
  • Test negative on the company’s drug tests
  • May be handling potentially hazardous substances


  • Read acknowledge and comprehend SOP’s and Site Safety Rules
  • Locate assembly points, Muster Points, Eye Wash Stations, Safety Showers and Fire Extinguishers
  • Proper PPE always. Minimum for Operator 1 is Hard hat, safety glasses, FRC and half faced respirator
  • Ability to identify job site hazards

The above information on this description has been designed to indicate the general nature and level of work performed by employees within this classification.  It is not designed to contain or be interpreted as a comprehensive inventory of all duties, responsibilities and qualifications required of employees assigned to this job.