About Thermaldyne

With increasing landfilling liability and growing federal and state regulations, oil companies today must look for a sustainable alternative to oil reclamation when managing their materials. Add in the desire for sustainable solutions, and the industry is void of options.


Enter Thermaldyne, a sustainable, clean, proven, and accepted process to treat refinery materials. 


Key benefits of Thermaldyne’s process include but are not limited to:

  • Cradle-to-cradle approach to reclamation
  • Transparent partnerships
  • Largest capacity to receive both liquids and solids
  • Highest throughput capacity in the Gulf
  • Closed loop processing system
  • Strategic location in Baton Rouge Louisiana
  • Reduced transportation cost
  • Reduced equipment rental cost
  • Enhanced supply chain management


To provide sustainable, effective, safe and environmentally compliant reclamation services to the refining industry.